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SPNL Annual Membership

SPNL Annual Membership Application - £35 Per Annum.
- for full membership details and RENEWALS  go to the MEMBERSHIP DETAILS page.
If your renew prior to your expiry date your renewal will automatically start from the expiry date.
- for our Admissions Policy go to the ADMISSIONS POLICY page.

(1) To be a qualifying member, one has to either be:

  1. "Ordinary Member" (i.e. London-based young shipping professional), one is to be regarded as a London based young professional having a bona fide connection to the commercial shipping industry at the time of application (all aspects of commercial shipping are acceptable, including brokers, agents, principals, owners, lawyers, insurers, finance-related, seafarers, journalism, research),
  2. "Extraordinary member" who is an existing Sponsor (i.e. Partner, Corporate or Affiliate) and does not fall in the description as per (a) above. As an extraordinary member, you are still a member and will full access to events as Ordinary Members (key difference: attendance of AGMs would be as an observer i.e. no vote).

Note: Individuals not falling into (a) or (b) are welcome to attend our events by registering as a "guest".

(2) Full-time students would not automatically qualify, and would need to motivate their application to be considered for membership. Motivation to be sent to

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES OR CASH AS A FORM OF PAYMENT (however, if preferred, you may deposit the cheque or cash into the SPNL account)

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