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All About Shipping 28/10/2014

All About Shipping 28/10/2014

Claudio Chiste, SPNL Chairman who works at Investec Shipping & Marine Finance, welcomed the members informing them that two key backers had agreed to renew their support; Gearbulk as SPNL’s Ship-owner Partner and London Offshore Consultants (LOC) as corporate sponsor.


New generation: Technology

First though were the event sponsors, with Sebastian Moore CEO of SETEL informing attendees of a new generation product just launched in partnership with a company called FGM Marine. Specifically in regards to power line communications, which provide networks on- board ship. “When we came across the power line solution with FGM Marine it was a no brainer – we had to get involved. It is a simple technology with disproportional benefits. It distributes digital signals to the existing electrical systems. It was only two years ago it was developed for shipping. There is an increased demand from the owners to have real – time fees on engine mentoring performance and OFID checking. The crew are demanding more and more to have internet activity. They want to be able to walk around with their mobile and get access to social media and communicate.”

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