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Angad Singh Malia

Angad is currently a 3rd year Maritime Business and Logistics undergraduate at the University of Plymouth and will graduate in September 2019. Angad has been exposed to the Maritime industry his whole life due to his father’s career path, of which he was a Master mariner and sailed for 17 years, followed by becoming a ship broker later in life. As a result Angad grew up in Singapore, thus continued to be surrounded by the industry. Angad has completed multiple internships exploring a variety of different sectors of the industry such as: Logistics companies, Ship broking houses and even ship owning companies. Compiling this altogether, Angad has a well-rounded understanding of the operational workings of Maritime company.              

As an individual Angad is passionate about sports, particularly rugby, boxing and basketball. He enjoys participating in industry networking events, whereby he is able to speak to and learn from industry professionals, so that he is able to further increase his understanding of all aspects of the Marine industry as a whole. Additionally, Angad is currently an active member of the University of Plymouths shipping society and holds the position of chairman