Event #29 Enhancing Economic Growth Through Trade

About this event :

Sponsors: Little Ship Club / Actus Security

– Chris Cummings, CEO, TheCityUK

– Dr Henriette van Niekerk, Head of Dry Bulk Freight Analysis, Clarksons

– Dr Wilmot James MP, Shadow Minister of Trade & Industry, Senior Member of Parliament (South Africa)

Description: Enhancing Economic Growth Through Trade.
As the global economy recovers from the worst crisis in many years, trade and investment are central to re-generating strong, sustainable and balanced growth in the UK and overseas.
In this context, both Africa and the BRICS nations of emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) play a significant role in global trade. South Africa – as the economic powerhouse of Africa and the so-called Gateway to Africa – is the latest entrant to the BRICS (formerly BRIC). According to the IMF the BRICS are to account for 40% of global growth, highlighting their significance. Three industry leaders, from different fields, one an expert on UK trade promotion relating to financial services(TheCityUK), one being an expert on seaborne trade of dry bulk (Clarksons), the other a leading policy maker (Member of Parliament), will share their views on trade.

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