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New Board elected at 2017 Annual General Meeting

This year’s AGM featured the election of the 2017/2018 SPNL Board which consists of previous years’ board members as well as fresh members.
The newly elected 2017/8 Board is as follows:

Mr Claudio Chistè – Chair (re-elected)
Mr Hongbeom Park – Deputy Chair (**NEWLY ELECTED**)
Mr Nicolas Mavrommatis – Treasurer (re-elected)
Ms Patricia Schlotmann – Deputy Treasurer (**NEWLY ELECTED**)
Mr Chris Davies – Sponsorship Director (re-elected)
Mr Robert Kerss – Company Secretary / Head of Secretariat (**NEWLY ELECTED**)
Ms Ioanna Kafka – Associate (re-elected)
Ms Isobel Reed – Associate (**NEWLY ELECTED**)
Mr Ashish Nair – Designated Associate (**NEWLY ELECTED**)

The Board would like to especially thank the following board members who have stood down for their contributions towards the promotion and connecting of London’s next generation of shipping professionals:
Valentina Nikiforova (Stephenson Harwood, Served since 2009)
Nicola Eyles (JLA Media, Served since 2015)
Lisa Howie (MSC, Served since 2015)
Nick Chapman (FM Global, Served since 2016)

We thank all of our members and supporters.

From SPNL Board