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SPNL LISW Gala Event – 13 September 2023

SPNL LISW Gala Event – 13 September 2023

SPNL LISW Gala Event – 13 September 2023

Technology: Turning Risk into Opportunity


The Shipping Professional Network London (SPNL) is pleased to announce they will be hosting their London International Shipping Week Gala “Technology: Turning Risk Into Opportunity” on the evening of the 13th of September 2023, at the Engine Rooms in London’s iconic Tower Bridge.


From decarbonisation to compliance, technology accelerates change in our industry. Business leaders from diverse areas including data-driven decision making, carbon-reducing propulsion systems, on-demand psychological crew support and real-time pollution detection will join the event to deliver short, TED-style talks, followed by a networking reception.


Participation in the event will not only provide a unique opportunity to meet and network with leading industry professionals, but will also grant privileged access to the latest technological solutions available to tackle the new wave of challenges in shipping.


The event is now at capacity; however, please contact us if you wish to join the waiting list. 



  • Aditya Trivedi, Senior Analyst and Consultant, Marsoft
  • Kim Diederichsen, CEO, Anemoi Marine Technologies

  • Alberto Manfredini, Key Account Manager, DNV

  • Claire Georgeson, Founder & CEO, PsyFyi
  • Graeme Somerville-Ryan, Founder, EyeSea


More details 

Data & Digitalization


Speaker: Aditya Trivedi

Marsoft’s GreenScreen program provides a new and significant incentive for shipowners to invest in one or more retrofits that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Proceeds from the first issuance and sales of carbon credits under the revised methodology ‘Programme for Retrofit Energy Efficiency Measures in Shipping’ are anticipated to be delivered to shipowners before the end of 2023.

In addition to industry-wide recognition, the Gold Standard – the preeminent global carbon registry – has accepted Marsoft’s GreenScreen-based methodology as the basis for issuing carbon credits for investments that reduce CO2 emissions from ships.

Marsoft is committed to working towards a more sustainable world, and to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular goal 13 Climate Action. Marsoft is a founding member of the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition, whose mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of North American waterborne trade.




Speaker: Kim Diederichsen

Anemoi is a global provider of proven wind technology, driving a more sustainable future for the shipping industry. Anemoi Rotor Sails can reduce emissions by up to 30% and, with ANEMOI patented Deployment Systems, be installed on most merchant vessels. ANEMOI’s mission is to help create a sustainable future for the shipping industry by rolling out this proven wind power technology across the global shipping fleet.


Duty of care to seafarers

Speaker: Claire Georgeson


PsyFyi assists owners and operators to identify positive and negative trends which are developing on board in real time using our innovative data collection tool SeaQ. This is done by asking the seafarers anonymous, critical thinking questions aimed at assessing risk.


Due to the reliability and anonymity of the service SeaQ sees a retention rate of over 90% amongst seafarers using the service making it a highly reliable and valuable tool for the owners/operators using it.




Business & Technology Innovation



Speaker: Alberto Manfredini

As the world’s leading classification society, DNV has been using innovation and technology to enhance safety, quality and environmental performance of global shipping. DNV is a world-leading provider of digital solutions for managing risk and improving safety and asset performance for ships, pipelines, processing plants, offshore structures, electric grids, smart cities and more. Most notably, DNV’s ‘Emissions Connect’ is using technology to help owners understand their carbon emissions and collaborate with stakeholders across the industry. 



Speaker: Graeme Somerville-Ryan 

 Eyesea was founded on the idea that the maritime industry, mariners, recreational sailors, and the public all want the best for the ocean. We all understand maritime pollution is a problem – a problem that, at times, is pictured as being too large to solve or too far away to get involved. What can one person do? 

Year one was about proof of concept – 120,000 images

Collected and overwhelming support from the maritime community, tech companies, and volunteers all over the world. But this data also showed us we needed to revise our strategy and technology outcomes. 


Eyesea has begun the development of a pollution data management system. This will enable communities, companies, ports, and authorities to make use of tech such as computer vision, machine learning and AI, satellite spectometry, smart communications, and even route planning to better manage and recover pollution. 



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