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Membership and Benefits

  • Access our events held online or at prestigious venues in central London
  • Meet like-minded young professionals who share your interest in the maritime industry
  • Exposure to the maritime industry’s current thought leaders
  • Develop business contacts and increase your network
  • Build lasting relationships with tomorrow’s industry leaders
  • Attend presentations on current issues and trends in the maritime industry

As an SPNL member, you will receive invitations to events organised by SPNL and our partners where we draw on the best companies and most knowledgeable people in the shipping industry to talk about current topics in their specialist fields. Our events are followed by our hugely popular networking drinks where you will have the opportunity to meet other young shipping professionals in the London shipping industry.

To become a member, we require that you are a young professional working in the London-based maritime industry. Please see our ‘Qualifying Criteria’ below.

To apply for membership, there are two simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Complete our Membership Application Form (below) and submit your application.
Step 2: Upon approval of your application, payment details for our annual membership fee (£40 per annum) will be sent to you. There is no joining fee.

Questions? Email us at: member@shippingnetwork.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions: SPNL Membership

Q. What are the qualifying criteria?
A. To become a member, we require that you are a young professional working in the London shipping industry. The above membership application procedure only applies to our target demographic (i.e. young shipping professionals).

Q. Why focus primarily on the younger generation of shipping professionals? 
A. The SPNL was established to give shipping professionals in the early stages of their careers a platform for networking, knowledge expansion and professional development. We focus on young professionals as those who are more established professionals already tend to have both an established network and sufficient access to various specialist industry organisations and networking events.

Q. Why is membership to students controlled?
A. For full-time students: As this is a network for young professionals, memberships for full-time students are limited. Should you regard yourself as a professional based on your shipping background, you are encouraged to provide details of your shipping background as motivation for membership. If successful, a decision will be made whether this is as an “ordinary member” or “extraordinary member”.

A. For part-time students: For those not currently or previously working in a shipping-related field, applicants need to motivate their eligibility (i.e. previous shipping background) to be regarded as a shipping professional in order to be eligible for membership.

Additional note to students: The final decision on whether an applicant qualifies as being eligible rests with the SPNL Board.

Please note:

  • For the purposes of applying to become a Member, you will need to confirm having read and agree to be bound by the SPNL’s Articles of Association and any Rules or Bylaws adopted by SPNL in accordance with the Articles of Association, which may be reviewed here.
  • As per the Articles of Association, membership applies only to a named individual person, and therefore may not be awarded to a company per se, nor is membership transferable.
  • By signing up you agree to be contacted by email by the SPNL. We will not sell or otherwise pass on your contact details to third parties.
  • Please note that acceptance of membership is entirely at the discretion of the SPNL.
  • In certain cases due to venue capacity constraints, we may restrict the number of attendees at individual events, therefore we encourage you to sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Event Admissions and Privacy Policy

  • Only pre-registered delegates (members, non-members / guests), event hosts and SPNL board members (“Guests“) will be allowed entrance to in-person SPNL events.
  • The SPNL reserves the right to charge non-members attending as Guests and such entrance fee applies to online pre-registrations and onsite registrations.
  • The SPNL requests that Guests carry a form of photo identification (e.g. passport, photo-ID driving license, national identity card) or other identification acceptable to the SPNL (such as a business card) and which we may ask to see.
  • Any student wishing to attend SPNL an event must pre-register as a Guest. Applications from students will be considered subject to availability, with priority attendance reserved for SPNL members.
  • Guests are expected to wear business dress and to behave appropriately.
  • The SPNL reserves the right to ask those not complying with these regulations to leave our event. You may be refused entrance on arrival at the event if you do not adhere to these standards.
  • Official SPNL photographers may be taking photographs and filming videos at events. Anyone attending SPNL events consents to such photography and filming without compensation and confirms that the SPNL shall be entitled to use such photographs and videos, which may include photographs and videos of visitors, for the purposes of marketing SPNL in future and for exploitation in any and all media, with permission and without liability.
  • SPNL may wish to contact Guests from time to time. If you do not wish to receive our communications, you may unsubscribe by following the ‘unsubscribe’ procedure outlined in our communications.
  • SPNL collects your personal data through your membership of the SPNL. This data is limited to your contact details and current professional information as provided to the SPNL at the time of obtaining membership. The data collected is used solely to contact you in order to provide information of upcoming SPNL events. If you have any requests or queries with respect to the data that is collected, please contact member@shippingnetwork.co.uk

Membership Application

If you have any questions please email us at member@shippingnetwork.co.uk

Annual SPNL Membership at £40 Per Year. Payment will be requested when you membership applicaiton is approved.
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