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As an SPNL member, you will receive invitations to events organised by SPNL and our partners where we draw on the best companies and most knowledgeable people in the shipping industry to talk about current topics in their specialist fields. Our events are followed by our hugely popular networking drinks where you will have the opportunity to meet other young shipping professionals in the London shipping industry.

Per Year
Exclusive access to events online and at prestigious venues in central London
Exposure to maritime industry's current thought leaders
Develop business contacts and increase your network
Build lasting relationships with tomorrow's industry leaders
Attend presentations on current issues and trends in maritime industry
To apply for membership
follow these two simple steps
Step One

Complete our Membership Application Form (below) and submit your application.

Step Two

Upon approval of your application, payment details for our annual membership fee (£40 per annum) will be sent to you. There is no joining fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To become a member, we require that you are a young professional working in the London shipping industry. The above membership application procedure only applies to our target demographic (i.e. young shipping professionals).

 The SPNL was established to give shipping professionals in the early stages of their careers a platform for networking, knowledge expansion and professional development. We focus on young professionals as those who are more established professionals already tend to have both an established network and sufficient access to various specialist industry organisations and networking events.

For full-time students: As this is a network for young professionals, memberships for full-time students are limited. Should you regard yourself as a professional based on your shipping background, you are encouraged to provide details of your shipping background as motivation for membership. If successful, a decision will be made whether this is as an “ordinary member” or “extraordinary member”.

For part-time students: For those not currently or previously working in a shipping-related field, applicants need to motivate their eligibility (i.e. previous shipping background) to be regarded as a shipping professional in order to be eligible for membership.

Additional note to students: The final decision on whether an applicant qualifies as being eligible rests with the SPNL Board.

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